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. >> good morning. stacy schiff who is a wonderful biographer among others cleopatra recently observed that biographers all have to lives. okay in the back? can you hear? in one round she says to biographers, you are moving forward in ignorance. in the other you are moving backward with something resembling omniscience. but what she doesn't say is that along with the illusion of something like omniscience a biographer usually has a lot of attitude to display. one can be worshipful, page of graphic celia pius or one can be a muckraker. one can defend or defame, expose sensationalize sentimentalize. one can be a myth buster or a myth maker. and not many generalizations can come to the whole spectrum. but marcel pruest could do it and did when he wrote in the early work before the big book. it's a little book in there he says what intellect restores to us under the name of the past is not the past. in reality, cut in reality as soon as each hour of one's life has died it embodies itself in some material object and remains captive forever unless we should have been on the object recognizin
the field or the sunken road. it was the perfect window of opportunity. e -- stacy's the poll box in front of 400 and went up the hill and what happens next is unbelievable. with hardly any men they started with 120 men. they lost many men in the charge going through burkstein and ran up the hill. it was german veterans actually. they ran up the hill and took a poll box that was on top of the hill which was the main center of gravity for the hill because it offered protection. the protection offered is from the artillery. as lanelle said to me, picture a rain storm but instead of raindrops it was shrapnel, 18 battalions of german artillery rained down on that hill, it was killing germans and americans alike. it became unbearable. top of that, within half an hour, 45 minutes, the germans according to their doctrine began to counterattack. they did it with company's ranks or more, sometimes even a battalion. 272, and later they started storming the hill. this happens five times. one of the most poignant scenes is from s c corps which was a foxhole secured by a rock. as they charge up the hil
freemason, and begins a family in rhode island and stacy and really helps to shape the beautiful jewelry making that became so important throughout the 20 century in rhode island. each one of these pieces tells an amazing story to again, our national history. we have the beginning and founding stories that help us understand ideologies with which our nation was shaped. that set us apart from other countries. and as we struggle i think you understand our place as we move forward, it's helpful to reflect back on what the real grounding principles actually work rather than exaggerated or misunderstood versions of the founders intended and i think roger williams represents a departure from the normal story, and shows that even a small colony had a great impact on the way the rest of the nation and the world thought works by john brittain his recent book on the great american souls and roger williams. being able to become -- to come to a repository like this to see the collection, she the writings of roger williams, he was able to learn what others are learning about roger williams. he wrote
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3